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About Progresif

Founded in May 2023 in Turkey by Samet ÇELİK, the Humaniter Revolution represents the first stage of a six-stage process aimed at providing an academic, sectoral, and political momentum source.

As a revolutionary instrument, it works to influence historical developments by perfecting the role and position of the primitive company mechanism, which struggles to integrate with postmodern tools due to its progressive, primitive structure and reason for existence, instead of the state mechanism that struggles to reflect its true potential due to neo-liberal habits and traditional capitalist beliefs. In a fictional plane designed in the interest of humanity, it constructs medium-term, broad-scale communication, management, and production processes for companies to improve modern humans' relationship with reality. As a post-modern rigs companies live in a broader scope than governments but should establish more intimate, pure, close, and real communication with humans than governments. They have to do this through previously unstimulated mental channels.


To prepare for the revolution, which means feeding Humaniter Management Templates with the 3-layered Humanite Algorithm and having a say in the management of the future, also includes placing complex human design at its center. The management of socio-psychological processes should not be carried out independently of companies along with financial and political processes. If human potential cannot be shaped with new Humaniter instruments, civilization will inevitably be deprived of real solutions, real speed, and real inspiration sequences. Scientific stagnation that always appears in future projections and associated unidirectional sluggish technological movements must be manageable. All capital crises, financial fluctuations, unemployment, and loss of quality must be developed at a tolerable level. The manageability of the third factor can only be achieved through the manageability of the new human.

The Humaniter Revolution Instrument is progressive, destroying for the race, creating for the race, and ultimately providing motion for the race. We do not believe in creating a future where the company mechanism rises and Humaniter Inspiration flows to every corner of the earth. With the inspiration we gain from this sharp projection that presents itself to us 24/7, we see that the revolution has arrived!

The future belongs to Humaniter, sharp philosophies and ultimately, instrumentalized mechanisms of the future!

Long live the destructive attitude of the race, long live the divine potential of the race, long live the Humaniter Revolution, long live the Humaniter Revolutionaries!

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